Signing up for Twitter is quite easy. To sign up for an account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to twitter.com
  2. Click on the large, green button labeled Join the conversation! (see Figure 1)
  3. Pick a username – and do it carefully!  Here are some things to consider:
    a) Shorter names are easier to reply to, because they take up fewer of the 140 characters in each message.
    b) Branding is easier if the name you choose is your own name, or that of your company.
    c) You can change your username later if you like, but the more followers you have the more likely this will be confusing.
  4. Enter your email address – each Twitter account must be signed up with a unique email address.
  5. Pick your password and sign up for your free account.
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Twitter is a community-driven communications medium – its users decide how it is used, and come up with much of the jargon used.  Some of the more common terms about Twitter include:

  • Tweets – the messages sent out by users.
  • Followers – the people who have elected to read your tweets
  • Following – the people whose messages you are reading
  • Tweeps – Twitter users, or your followers
  • Retweet – a rebroadcast, or copy, of another’s tweet, often abbreviated RT to save space.  For example:  “RT @ncub8 Bowling marathon in Kingston raises 25K, thanks to all who participated!”
  • @username – a Twitter user’s username preceded by @ will create a link to that tweep’s user page.  Starting the tweet in this way makes it into a “@reply” message – a direct message to one user that other users may read.
  • Direct or DM - a private message sent to another user that only he/she can read.
Category : Social Media Marketing | Twitter | Blog