Twitter is a community-driven communications medium – its users decide how it is used, and come up with much of the jargon used.  Some of the more common terms about Twitter include:

  • Tweets – the messages sent out by users.
  • Followers – the people who have elected to read your tweets
  • Following – the people whose messages you are reading
  • Tweeps – Twitter users, or your followers
  • Retweet – a rebroadcast, or copy, of another’s tweet, often abbreviated RT to save space.  For example:  “RT @ncub8 Bowling marathon in Kingston raises 25K, thanks to all who participated!”
  • @username – a Twitter user’s username preceded by @ will create a link to that tweep’s user page.  Starting the tweet in this way makes it into a “@reply” message – a direct message to one user that other users may read.
  • Direct or DM - a private message sent to another user that only he/she can read.
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