From first-hand experience I can tell you that about 90% of what the world believes about martial arts and self defense comes from movies and TV. There are many unrealistic portrayals about self defense - so let’s tackle the idea of dueling.

When you watch the hero of your favorite film face off with his arch-enemy and duke it out for 4 minutes without mussing his hair - that has virtually nothing to do with self-defense. Fighting in sport and television has little to do with self-defense. That’s dueling.

Most of the time, these media fights play out like the bar fights I’ve witnessed. They are essentially mutually agreed upon combat. Once you’ve agreed to fight, it’s no longer self-defense.

Real self-defense usually involves a sudden and violent surprise attack where a predator tries to overpower a target. Usually the target is not attacked from the front, with lots of warning, on mats, under bright lights, after stretching for 20 minutes, and while wearing special training clothes. Frequently attackers work in groups, carry weapons, and refuse to fight fair.

Every tool in your arsenal including screaming, running away, pulling out a gun, calling 911, using pepper spray, throwing a mean round-house kick to the temple, etc. is 100% useless unless you can effectively deal with the initial attack.

Self defense has only one goal - get to safety.

It isn’t about winning a fight or arresting your attacker (unless you’re a cop and we call it defensive tactics). Self defense isn’t about teaching your attacker a lesson, or getting an ego boost out of kicking a guy’s butt at a bar.

I hope you’ll take these words to heart and let them inform your training choices and your mindset.

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Mission Centric Training™ is a term I coined a few years back when training civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel. It became clear that each of these groups of people had different goals, operating rules, equipment, training levels, etc. Training them all the same way is a mistake.


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