Welcome warrior!

You are here because in martial arts, marketing, and life - brute force will only get you so far. You know that real strength comes from leverage, momentum, positioning, and timing.

Correctly applied, a small amount of energy can overcome any obstacle, and guard against any danger. I use the knowledge and skill of decades of martial arts study to transform your life and business.

About John

John Moore is a recognized expert in martial arts, marketing, and technology. He overcame a physical disability, which led doctors to tell his parents he'd never walk, to achieve a 3rd degree black belt in jujutsu.

John has taken the concepts and principles of the martial arts and successfully applied them to marketing, business, and life. A teacher at heart and dedicated to the success of small business owners, John openly shares his strategies for success.

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John was a key contributor on some of the projects I managed. John's contributions were multi-faceted. He keeps himself abreast of emerging technologies to facilitate the development of high quality user interfaces. He has a wealth of knowledge about both the business and end-user experience while being aware of legacy and new systems interfaces which support the front-facing applications.
- Matthew McDonnell